Trading terms



Trading Terms and conditions.

This is to notify you about our term of use and conditions of the trading software as you already know how the blockchain technology is working and how the crypto market is.

The term trading means investing of your asset as to get a huge amount of profit, By accepting this terms you agree with all our conditions.

Our software is working in monthly trade by the technical analysis which helps you to get profit, you will not lose even a small amount of your asset as we secure our trading software with network analyzer that encrypts the trading volume.

Eg. If the ethereum network has gone down the software will automatically change to another coins network like doge, ripple, bitcoin and much more.

So by this means you will not lose any part of your funds. Note: this is subject to the profit analysis the estimated profit that the software calculated for you can be higher or lower if in case this happens to you we provide an insurance for the sake of those problems this will help you to get your profit back.

The main important things about the insurance is when ever you wanted to start a trade you must pay a small fee which is the insurance fee, this will help you when the estimated profit that the software read didn't work!! Then we will automatically change your asset to inc member and your profit will be recovered.

Make sure to take not about withdrawing incomplete funds, this is because when your trade is started your profit is running